Beauty Style

Pop Art to Punk Beauty

Pop Art to Punk rebellion has been a way to move culture forward. Rejection of what is considered normal inspires change in fashion and beauty. What is created here is a new way to play with eyeshadow and to style hair. During the Pop Art movement, mass marketing reached a boom, and artists embraced it. Ubiquitous […]

Culture Music

Selva City by Big Phone

The relationship between the tech industry and dance music has never been stronger than in 2016. The bedroom hacker is now the bedroom DJ, a quick jump from torrenting Ableton to topping Soundcloud. Edward Snowden of all people released a techno track with Jean-Michel Jarre this April. As music technology develops and disseminates at rapid […]

Fashion Style

Mara Hoffman & Beau

Somewhere between the mystic mama persona generally ascribed to Mara Hoffman and the more down-to-earth reality of the designer’s NYC existence, lies her home away from home in Stormville, NY. Hoffman’s house blends with the woods that surround it in a magical way that makes one feel both inside and outside at once; with Hoffman […]

Beauty Style

Forget the Beach

All of us long for that salty just left the beach look, but running down to the beach to get it is a luxury. Well, this is pretty damn close. Taking inspiration from sun kissed skin, and wet slicked back hair, an effortless cool look was created for everyday. Each photo highlights an ultra feminine […]