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Pop Art to Punk Beauty

Pop Art to Punk rebellion has been a way to move culture forward. Rejection of what is considered normal inspires change in fashion and beauty. What is created here is a new way to play with eyeshadow and to style hair.

During the Pop Art movement, mass marketing reached a boom, and artists embraced it. Ubiquitous brands and celebrity were incorporated into high art which was unheard of. To create these looks, products we see and buy constantly were elevated.

The makeup artist Alison used eyeshadow powders, pencils, glitter and mixing mediums. Tyler the hairstylist used mouse and hairspray in unexpected ways. They created looks that feel equally feisty, fresh and easy. Ignoring the conventional guidelines of beauty, these looks are anything but ordinary.

Get inspired and be rebellious.

photography Kate Powers

style Masha Orlov

makeup Ali Smith

hair Tyler Colton

words Ta’kerra Hall

assistant style Christie Boschert


 Area T-shirt


Eckahius Latta white sweatshirt

Alexis Bittar white beaded necklace


Court Shop turtleneck denim dress with back zipper

Vintage earrings and sunglasses


Eckahius Latta tank top

Swarovski gold crystal necklace

Anna Sheffield black diamond hoop earrings

illesteva clear glasses


Aftur multicolor sweater

Anna Sheffield moonstone necklace

Vintage tye-dye T-shirt

Stylist’s gold ear cuff

Pink lips


Lip Service black off the shoulder sweatshirt

Samuji pink mohair hat

Anna Sheffield stud earring


 Eckahius Latta comic book crop top

Prop black leather baseball cap

TomTom necklace

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